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African Print: The Enlarging Footprint (pt 1)

African Print: The Enlarging Footprint (pt 1)

26 Sep 2020

Fashion is a very important form of cultural expression and a strong tool for marking generational trends. In Africa, clothing is also one of the very many identity markers. While Africans are versatile in fashion and accommodating of ever-evolving global fashion trends, there are specific fabrics that are known to be specifically African fabrics.

African prints, which originated from the Indonesian Batik, have stood the test of time as far as fashion and style are concerned. They come in various types and countless patterns and can be used in a wide variety of ways, which is why they easily blend into new fashion trends and have been around for quite a long while.

Besides the wide range of beautiful colors that African prints come in, there is also the fact that, whether you like flamboyant designs or you prefer it simple, with African prints, there is something for everyone. You can make a bold fashion statement in African prints; you can also go stylishly simple in them.

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The Ankara or African Wax prints have become the most popular of all African prints, but there are other prints that carry the same cultural significance as the Ankara and have never gone out of style, too. Different African tribes have specific prints that they are identified with, which they usually showcase during cultural festivals. Some of the prints include:

  • Aso oke
  • Adire
  • Akwete
  • Kente
  • Kanga
  • Chitenge
  • Shweshwe
Collection of Kanga Fabrics
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We would love to hear from you, which fabric is your favorite? Stay tuned for continuation of the article on the celebrities rocking the African Prints

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