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African Print: The Enlarging Footprint (pt 2)

African Print: The Enlarging Footprint (pt 2)

26 Sep 2020

One amazing thing about African prints, which has made them a center of attraction, as far as fashion is concerned, is the rate at which they have gained international relevance and are now a very strong force in global fashion trends. There seems to be some kind of African prints revolution as celebrities and major respected people from all over the world are seen making Afrocentric fashion statements, which others follow.


From the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, to the music icons, Beyoncé, Jidenna and the elegant Rihanna, African prints have been making rounds of bold appearances. And that is a plus to African cultural heritage; through the beauty of African prints. Other celebrities who have styled various designs of African prints include Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Tracee Ellis-Ross Lady Gaga, and many others.

Tracee Ellis-Ross

International designers are becoming more familiar with the African side of fashion. We are proud to say that Nigeria is represented so well in this sector, As we are proud of Enna Attah Udemba, the lady behind the Beyonce look for DREAMWEAVERS UTA Artist Space exhibition, where she wore an Ankara Two piece suit. Her brand name was known as  Ena Gancio, an African Prints Inspired Clothing line for modern, elegant women who are a shade of sophisticated.
Beyonce in African piece by Ena Gancio.

African prints are one of Africa’s many opportunities of unleashing creativity and have been explored in a variety of ways to make not only clothes but also other fashion items like handbags, shoes, and even jewellery. There is no limit to the length African prints can go in fashion and whatever has been done with them already are just a tip of the iceberg of how far designers are ready to go in exploring the uniqueness of African prints.

How much do you know about African prints? Are you among the current fashionistas making it bold with the beauty of African prints? Join the trend and become a partaker in the richness of African prints.

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